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Basecamp offers students the opportunity to develop mastery of essential academic core content according to a unique personalized study plan. Our belief is that the quest for licensure is made significantly more manageable with the assistance of an experienced guide and a structured academic review. Basecamp can serve as this guide and can assist you to take a giant step forward in your licensing journey!
Basecamp Design

Basecamp covers academic core content in five distinct Mountains (Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular, Cardiopulmonary, Other Systems, and Non-Systems). Within each mountain there are numerous Trails (e.g., anatomy, range of motion, special tests) which represent specific academic subject matter relevant to each Mountain. Collectively Basecamp offers over 140 Trails organized into 25 Peaks.

Basecamp provides students with unique Assignments, Flash Cards Videos, and Exams to promote mastery of specific subject matter within each Trail.


Assignments from our best-selling review book PTEXAM: The Complete Study Guide allow students to move through academic content in an orderly and predictable fashion based on the relative weighting of each Mountain on the National Physical Therapy Examination-PT. An internal tracking system assists students to stay focused and make meaningful daily progress.

Flash Cards

Flash cards offer students the opportunity to test their knowledge in a tried-and-true study format. The cards consist of unique academic content housed in a flash card stack within each trail. The cards are presented in pairs with the first card being the "Setup" card and the second card being an "Answer" card. After reviewing the answer card, students rate their degree of comfort with the material using a specialized rating system.

Video Assignments

Video assessments allow students to engage in meaningful self-assessment related to essential academic content in each trail. The videos utilize a variety of testing instruments and games designed to provide students with valuable information related to their current competence in each academic area. The videos are imaginative and carefully constructed to ensure that students have fun while engaging in serious academic content review and assessment.

Knowledge Checks

After completing the assignment and video assessment for each Trail, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their academic knowledge by completing a multiple-choice final examination. Students receive immediate feedback on their examination performance and are presented with explanations for each correct answer. Basecamp includes over 6,000 multiple-choice questions.


An advanced Scorecard section allows students to monitor their performance in each of the Mountains and the associated Trails. By identifying areas of deficiency students are able to develop appropriate remedial plans and enhance core academic content in specific content areas.


Studying is far more fun when it is associated with a competitive game. King of the Mountain and Climb provide students with the opportunity to play solo or challenge a classmate in an exciting battle of wits. Collectively, the two game modes offer over 6,000 questions designed to assist students to commit critical core academic content to long term memory. The games add a competitive aspect to studying and fully engage students as they learn. Students can explore their performance data using the Arena - Scorecard. Summative data collected during the challenges can be used to direct future remedial efforts. Lace up those hiking boots and let the games begin!

Our Basecamp Arena app is free for all active Basecamp users. Play our competitive games Climb and King of the Mountain anytime and anywhere!

Study Plans

Basecamp provides you with the opportunity to customize your journey using an interactive calendar. Basecamp – Daily Plan provides students with a day by day Trail Guide to traversing the Basecamp Mountain Range in 30, 60 or 90 days. Basecamp – Traditional and Variety Plans offer students a general method to prioritize their time in each Mountain according to the relative weighting of the NPTE.

Basecamp Plans

Basecamp offers three specific purchasing options based on the intended length of your Basecamp journey.

Basecamp - Standard
The 30 day option is ideal for students attempting to engage in a meaningful review of core academic content prior to the NPTE-PT. Extension options of 30, 60 90, or 365 days are available at any time during the access period or even after the initial access period has expired.

Basecamp - Annual
The 365 day option provides students with an ideal method to enhance learning for a full year. Improved content mastery and retention can significantly increase academic performance in the classroom and on the NPTE-PT.

Basecamp - Lifetime
The forever option allows students and physical therapist assistants to enjoy Basecamp during their academic training and well after they have successfully passed the NPTE-PT. Take advantage of this tremendous value and let Basecamp assist you to stay in tip-top academic shape throughout your physical therapist assistant career.

The best way to become familiar with the all of our great Basecamp features is to jump in! Now get out there and start climbing!

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